There are a lot of advice when it comes to moving especially on the internet. But, advice that is more valuable is those that originate from the people who have experienced the whole ordeal. We ask some people who have moved into Jacksonville, FL and what tips they may share to those who are planning to make a move as well.

Be an early bird.

Being early is the top advice. Packing your stuff takes a long time and quite tedious in most cases. One way to start is to pack by room-to-room which can make it more organized. You can also avoid rushing and stressing yourself when the moving date is around the corner.

Classify your items.

Rummage through your stuff and do some classification. It’s important to decide which ones you should opt to keep. Most movers may charge by weight so, you have to do some serious purging to save some money and get an easier move. It’s also a splendid time to donate old stuff to friends or charity. You can even hold a garage sale for some extra cash. If you can’t get rid of some items that have sentimental value or keepsakes, you may consider renting some storage containers Jacksonville FL has to supply.

Put labels like a boss.

You need to make sure that you label each box according to which room it should go. Apart from this, you need also to list the particular items contained inside the box. Never label it as “miscellaneous” unless it contains stuff you won’t be using in the first week of being at your new home.

Create an inventory.

If you want to track the stuff that goes with you on the move, write down an accurate list. List every box and every item that goes with it. Simple, but saves you a whole lot of trouble.

Pack overnight essentials.

Just imagine that you’re going on a trip and you need to stay for a couple of days at a new place. You never be so sure if all your possessions arrive on time at your new location. So, it’s vital to prepare a bag or box of things that you may need to last a night or even a week. Essentials might include toiletries, clothing, utensils and so on.

Now, with these tips, you’ll be sure to have a smooth move to Jax!

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